What the hell is an ‘Onion Pie’?

Ok, so me and my buds are just hanging in my house when we all got hungry. There’s usually food here whether be it raw or cooked. The thing is, all the raw foods there were frozen and will probably take a few hours to thaw. The thing to be consumed at that point was some large onions a SINGLE potato and some left over nacho cheese. My friend immediately suggested Baked Potatoes a la Wendy’s but there’s only one potato. Onion rings wouldn’t be that filling for a group of guys and it’s gonna create a mess so that’s why I came up with… Yeah, Onion Pie. ‘What the hell is an onion pie?’ asked my friend. I wittingly said, “Pie Crust with Onions” with a grin on my face. We did a quick search on google images to see if onion pies really existed. We saw some and immediately got started. We did not look for any recipes since we know we have limited ingredients. We just made do of what we had. And look what we got…

Pretty good looking pie, right?

There’s really no secret to this pie. Just sliced the potatoes and made them as a base. Sliced the onions and just dumped in. Salt, pepper, rosemary and some left over nacho cheese. And I almost forgot nutmeg. The pie crust? I did not do any measurements just scooped out estimated amounts of equal parts bread flour and cake flour (since I don’t have AP), shaved a good amount of pork lard, and water little by little. And if you didn’t know by now, vodka is best for your pie crust. Use like half water and half vodka. Since Vodka is mostly alcohol and will evaporate in high temp, it’s gonna make the crust crispier. Also, vodka is a neutral type of alcohol so it wont affect the taste of your crust. A friend told me that he did not really like the taste of onions but ironically, he got 2 slices. That made me happy since I made him realize that food is beyond meat and eggs, there’s more. he just had one comment: More cheese. Typical comment from a non vegetable eater, looking for more ingredients to mask out the veggie taste.

That’s it for now. Oh, one last thing. I wanna share this image of the fresh rosemary I picked outside for our pie. I like how it’s kinda wet. It made it look greener and vibrant. Fresh herbs love the rain 😀



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2 responses to “What the hell is an ‘Onion Pie’?

  1. I have been experimenting with homemade tampalen lard in crusts and it works brilliantly. Will have to try the vodka trick sometime soon.

    • I have always used lard in my crusts (Well, since that day that I ran out of butter) and I’ll never go back again. The vodka trick is kinda good. Please do try it and tell me the results! 🙂 Thank you for dropping by here. 😀

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