Allium Pie (WTH?)

My smartest friend, Google, told me that ‘Allium’ is like the surname of any onion related plant. Hence the name of this pie.

Mom, dad and distant cousins.

What you’ve looking at there are white onions, red onions leeks, chopped chives (sorry, I was excited lol) and garlic. The idea here was to keep the flavor of the onions at the same time extracting the sweetness from the white part of the leeks and the garlic. The chives actually went in the pie crust to give it a more appealing look and since it will be subjected directly to the heat of the pan with the dough,I theorized  it will give a lot more aroma than just including it in the filling. Pif, smartass.

Another interesting thing about this dish is the addition of Himalayan Pink Salt.

Pink salt is pink.

We bought this a few weeks ago in Legazpi Sunday Market and it came with a flier that states its health benefits. I just don’t know how it affects my cooking aside from the feeling I get for using something pink in place of something white… Like undies.

Anyway, I made the dough fast. I hate resting stuff like my dough, it needs to be rested for 30 mins before usage. I cut the fat in first before I added the chives.

Note the plants: I'm cooking outside.

I rested the dough in the ref while I slice the onions. This is probably the most dramatic part of the process since the main problems with dealing with onions is how it can make even the toughest man cry. Fear no more because I have 2 tips to reduce the drama in your kitchen!

Wet the knife and onions itself

When you slice an onion, certain gases sprays out and activates itself when comes into contact with water (your tears). Activating it immediately with tap water reduces the chance of it reaching your eyes. Wetting the knife after a few slices also helps since the onions release those sad gases every slice.

Chew gum for goodluck!

Another tip is to chew gum as you slice it. I don’t really know the science behind this but it’s has to do something with your breathing. I’ve heard someone say that breathing in your mouth while slicing also gives the same effect. I personally haven’t tried that though…

Probably the best guy for the job. Mouth breathing and lazer slicing your onions to perfection!

After summoning the force, I sliced the onion clan with ease.

Look mommy! No more tears!

Some of you might say “Hey, where are the shallots?” I know they’re red onion’s annoying (to peel) little brother and I really planned to add them in a form I bet you’re never seen before.

Annoying baby onions in a jar!

Those are actually fermented whole shallots. They are brined with an addition of sugar and kept in the ref indefinitely. They’re sweet, salty and they still pack up a zing even after fermenting for 2 months. I was going to add them but I decided not to on the last minute. I took a bite and I realized that these little suckers are too strong for the dish. And people tend to dislike the onion zing since it stays on your mouth until probably 4 meals after, just like garlic.

Need I say more?

I cooked the onions for a while just to wilt them a bit. These are gonna be mini pies and I want to pit in as much filling as I can. Wilting them is a good idea, don’t you think?

Flame on!

While cooling the onions, I made the dough. Honestly, this was my first time making mini pies so I struggled a bit. I did not follow any recipe since I thought that they’re just like pies, only smaller. Booooooooooooy was I wrong…

Flattening the dough.

Are those moon craters?

See how irregular those holes are? I’m pretty much blind-shooting here.


You can probably see how frustrated I was when doing this.

But nevertheless, I managed to do it. Not very pretty, but yeah, it can still hold the filling right?

Spooned the filling in the crust

What? You don't know quickmelt?

I added quickmelt cheese for another level of flavor. Quickmelt is just another one of those processed cheese type of food. I know it doesn’t sound classy like Gruyere or Romano or the ever so popular Parmaseano Regiano but we like it! The flavor is like a cross between mozarella and (real) cheddar… I think.


When mama cheese and papa cheese love each other so much! 😀

I don’t know how to seal the hatch for these babies. I could have just leave ’em open and bake them but I’d rather…


Fail lattice is fail. AGAIN.

Egg washed them and baked them for 15 mins. Now is probably the best time to think on how I can take them out of the pan since the crust is not over-reaching the top and I can’t flip them over.

Not bad, eh?

Centerfold of the Foodboy Magazine Mar 2011

The lattice didn’t do so much for the appearance, I’ll try to do better next time.

The taste? You can taste the sweetness of the white onion on the first bite and the bit of zing of the red onion before swallowing. My friends said that the first onion pie was better. I don’t know, maybe because of the cheese. More cheese was added to the first pie.

I declare this first mini pie attempt to be a success. I might do more of these pies in the near future. Filled with… chicken maybe? Or left overs? Good thing pies are forgiving and they give a great room for experimentation.  So much for pies! Let’s move on to muffins!


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