It all started with a Blow.

It all started with a blow torch.

I just love it on how some chefs incorporate power tools into cooking. Like how Ming Tsai used an air compressor to make Peking Duck in an hour, or how a Band Saw looks like a modern torture equipment, or how these guys whip cream.

I know, a Blow Torch is a far cry from a real powertool but it kinda resembles a mini flame thrower in my own perspective.

Minus the epicness!

I have seen versions of baked Alaska ages ago but only through pictures. It wasn’t until I trained in a hotel that I saw one of them in the flesh. They were really pretty. Imagine my eyes glistening like a heavily oiled pan. I immediately searched the net when I got home. I got the recipe and it was only made up of three parts: a cake base, a big chunk of ice cream and some meringue. The process was straightforward enough and was very easy to follow, until I got to the last part where I realized that I needed a fucking blow torch to create the signature caramelized meringue look.

Somewhat close to my reaction

At that point, I said to my self that a blowtorch is a kitchen luxury. It just blows fire like a cigarette lighter, it can do the same fucking job.

I searched more, looking for a recipe that doesn’t require a blow torch. Some recipes require the whole dish to be baked (hence the name?) but I was not too keen on baking ice cream and expect it to hold it’s shape. Until I saw a video that made me realize how stupid I am (not the first time though).

Do you ever had those moments when you just want to slap yourself? Like when you failed to see the big fucking elephant in the room until it farted?


Blow torch is an alien technology given to us by some numeric planet residents for us to learn how to make Baked Alaska because it’s their fucking Global Dish. Kids, before speculating or bashing something, try to even just visualize it first (like what you do in your alone time). I was so stupid back then to realize in how I can actually heat up the meringue with a lighter when (obviously) fire naturally rises. A blow torch, well… blows fire to a direction of your choice making it the weapon of choice for this job. Silly silly boy.

Lay off those fucking brulees. You got the job!

Ok! So now that little torchie here got the job, shall we start?

Pretty please~~!

As I said earlier, baked alaska has three parts. A bread base, ice cream and a meringue coating. I made the base just because I can (like hating). It’s the ever so boring chocolate banana bread. It has become a household favorite.

Choco Banana Bread batter. The only reason why I'm still in this house.

While baking, I made the meringue MANUALLY and… I just ran out of words to say on how tiring it is.


I eventually got it but I feel that it can stiffen up a little more. With more elbow grease perhaps. But hey, a peak stands so it’s kinda in that stage too. A little stiffness won’t hurt. PUN PUN PUN.

Stiff peak is stiff.

I immediately cooled the cake after it cooked. Shaped it to match the size of the ice cream I molded earlier. I used Very Rocky Road for my ice cream. Why? Cause the old road was not rocky enough. Get it, get it? …eheheh.

When the road is not fucking rocky enough.

Stacked them together and watched how the ice cream melt like… like… let’s just say that it melted pretty fast. So I placed it in the freezer for a couple of hours, and pray that my meringue won’t fuck up.

Tropical weather blows sometime.

After a year in the freezer (it certainly felt like a year), I got started on dressing it up. My meringue’s giving me the stinkeye and is getting very pissed. Luckily, she was able to hold through. I got started with this…

Looks kinda like like a church?

And I ended up with…


You didn’t see the double word on the image caption? Gotcha!

Anyway, I ended up with this PYT (that’s Pretty Young Thing for those who know MJ only as a man who liked little boys).


GIRLY PEAKS! Be a man! Stiffen up!

I didn’t wait any longer. Still with meringue with my hands, I grabbed the weapon and torched it like a pro!


See that weapon in all it’s glory? You can even see the first victim behind. It didn’t stand a fucking chance.

A few seconds, a look what I got!

Aint it purdy?

Purdier up close!

And the inside?


Ever heard the term “I wanna be inside you.”? This is what they really meant. Don’t you just wanna be inside this PYT?

The taste? Explosive. Warm meringue with cold ice cream and a little crunch from the crust of the bread. I’m thinking of more ways to flavor this. I just made the three main ingredients of this dessert without really taking into consideration how well they harmonize with each other. But yeah, you can’t really go wrong with sweets.

This post is a few days late. In between that time frame, my family already asked me to make this again and again. Looks like a keeper eh? 😀

Here’s a bonus video that I made. This is when I was torching the meringue. Enjoy!



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