Scaled Empanada?

During my college years I had a huge craving over empanadas. This is mainly because the only type of empanadas I get are those that you can buy on train stations and filled with unknown types of meats. Yumpanada. Say it again… Yumpanada…

YUM + Empanada?

I have to admit, they were pretty satisfying. The 20 pesos I spend for 4 mini empanadas is enough to last me until the next station. But somehow, I feel there’s something lacking. I have tasted better empanadas from my childhood and I wanted to taste them again but I don’t know how. Seriously, I don’t even know if it was a dream. All I have is this vague image of me biting a very flaky and tasty empanada. The crust got me hypnotized. Am I the only one who can taste in their dream?

My favorite blog is, of course, MarketManila. His posts are very entertaining and he responds to emails! I read his blogs often hoping to find tips and inspiration.

So I was casually browsing his site and I got a little bored so I searched his site a bit and found a post about empanadas. I found his empanadas a bit weird. We all know how empanadas look like right? But his has this scale-like surface!



Yes! Scales! Although his post was about how he felt challenged by the empanadas and how he kind of failed on making them, I thought they looked great! One look and you know it’s flaky! He didn’t give the exact recipe but his pictures show how to do it. But I can’t just blind shoot there, I need some kind of guide.

So I searched google for… scale empanadas. I failed. Not until I read the comments and found that it ‘s actually called “Empanada de Kaliskis!” I hurriedly searched the net and clicked on the first link that appeared! I raged on how easy it is so I got the ball rolling immediately!


Picture Related


The recipe calls for 2 types of dough, a water dough and an oil dough. Obviously water dough has water and oil dough has oil. Duh…


Oil and water don't fucking mix.


Then closed and folded together, puff pastry style!



I'm Filipino! Not French!

Folded it a few more times and flattened it.




If we counted it correctly, I’d say we have 64 layers of fat and dough there. Equal to 64 chestpains.




Rolled the dough into a log and cut them into half an inch disks.


Cross section

Cross section. How many layers?

You can see how the layers are distinctly separated by the pork fat. How many layers are there?


Leonidas and Vegeta fusion.

Filled it with random odds ad ends of our refrigirator.



Let's see... Pork, beef, chicken, eggs, shell, nuts, bolts, screws and the fucking kitchen sink.

Crimped it, friend it…





Fat in fat.

The solo uncooked empanada up there was actually meant for my practice. I can’t do the rope braid pretty well so I had to do it numbers of times before I got it right. The next picture your going to see is actually the end product of my rope braid practice.



Can it get any flakier than that? 😀


I jumped of joy when I saw that the layers actually looked like the way it should! I was carefully watching the pot while this trial empanada was frying and got a bit worried since I can’t see any layers. But hell yeah, the god of empanada must have smiled below the pork fat laden clouds to greet this god-assisted creation!

But I heard his phone rang and he got busy. So my following empanadas did not really looked like it was made from pure fucking win. But hey, my rope crimping skills are kind of improving!


"A bit more," the Gods said. Then the heavens opened.

My following empanadas ranged from “They’re kinda… ok.”



To “they’re kinda oily…”



Not all that glistens is gold. Most of the time, it's fat.

To downright ugly!




What the fuck went wrong?



Beats me...

No, but seriously I think it has to do something with the temp. Probably because my following  empanadas took too long for me to make them all, the fat probably melted and fucked up the layers, the sun loves us after all. Also, I find the layers toooooooo delicate for my liking. Ye, it tastes good, very flaky and flavorful but it’s just too brittle. They layers can crash by just the force of my tongs while getting them out of the pan.

The force of my thongs.

Also, the crust is just tooooooooooo darn flaky. It became too oily. The fat from the dough melts and the fat from frying seeps in between the layers. It kinda feels like eating a whole bar of butter… not that I have done that before…



The bar has just been fucking set!

The next time, I’ll reduce the number of layers and will try to bake them to reduce the fat involved. When is that next time? Tomorrow. You know why?





Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday and tomorrow is fucking Saturday. Thanks Rebecca Black for that wonderful realization.



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8 responses to “Scaled Empanada?

  1. Great post. Content and humor! And those bloody scaled empanadas still have me stumped. If you check out these posts, you’ll see what they are supposed to look like…

    But I have never been able to do them. 🙂

    • YES! I have seen those posts before and the got me so excited too! I’ve read most of the nets content about these types of empanadas because I wanna make them so badly! Thank you so much for dropping by! I hope you visit me more often 😀

  2. vroomvroom

    nice read idol 🙂
    igawa mo naman kame hahaha

  3. bearhug0127

    this is my first time to read your blog, thanks to Marketmanila, where I saw your comment. interesting read. will definitely visit your site again to read what’s in the archives. like your sense of humor and style!

  4. Mary Kim

    I was reading MM’s post on lard then I saw your comment—
    You’re really funny dude! =)

  5. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for the link back to my blog post.
    Probably keeping the dough chilled while you cooked the earlier batches could have helped them from disintegrating. It seems to me that the oil dough just turned liquid even before you deep fried them; hence, the bad outcome of the later batches.
    It does also help to play with the dough using gloved hand (somehow limits your body heat from melting the lard).
    Great post and great humor!

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